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About me

meCommunities, inside and outside companies, fascinate me. How do you harness the unique power and purpose of a community in to making your product and the world a better place? How do you make people feel welcome, accepted, and productive? How do we translate the openness and flexibilities from online communities to offline ones, and how do you maintain a cohesive culture in online communities or for remote workers? How does the working place of tomorrow actually look and feel like? How do we support and nurture our communities with current and self developed tools?

I live and breathe these questions passionately, backing up years of experience with high profile products with vibrant communities of millions with book knowledge and continuous self study, and solid technical knowledge from working in the gamingĀ field. I’m looking for the opportunity to break the mold, and to explore new and innovative ways to restructure the way we work, live and play.

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